W. Christopher Carleton

I am an archaeologist and data scientist with a PhD in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in Canada currently working as a post-doc in the Extreme Events Research Group at the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology in Jena Germany. My primary research interests lie in long-term human-environment dynamics and palaeo data science. This includes work involving statistics, time-series analysis, Bayesian modelling, agent-based simulation, scientific software development, Big Data applications, Machine Learning, and geospatial analysis (especially archaeological predictive modelling). My expertise is demonstrated through my scientific contributions in computational and quantitative methods for archaeological research (see my CV), and my research has been highly varied in terms of region and time period. Among my 27 high-quality peer-reviewed articles (13 as first author), I have conducted research on the Neolithic at Çatalhöyük and Sagalassos in Turkey, the Maltese Neolithic Temple Period, the Classic Maya Period in the Maya Lowlands of Mesoamerica, 1st Millennium European history, Late Quaternary Arabia, and the Angkorian Period in Cambodia. My work on these topics and more has appeared in a dozen top-quality peer-reviewed journals, including Nature. I am interminably curious and interested in collaboration with other curious people, so feel free to reach out if your project could benefit from my expertise and experience!

You can find my research at: ORCID and Google Scholar.

Recent Papers