I am currently a postdoctoral scholar at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Archaeology under the supervision of Prof. Mark Collard.

My primary research focuses on human responses to climate change over the long-term. Since long-term effects can be quite different than short-term ones, it is imperative that we understand the long-term impact of climate change on human societies. The archaeological record is one of the only sources of information we have about long-term human–environment interaction, making it crucial for understanding human responses to climate change and, therefore, long-term planning. Unfortunately, we lack the necessary quantitative tools for analyzing archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records. The established methods cannot account for the idiosyncrasies of the data, specifically temporal autocorrelation and chronological uncertainty. Thus, much of my recent and ongoing research involves developing a new quantitative tool kit for exploring ideas about past human–environment interaction (see my publications).

Research Keywords: GIS; statistics; time-series analysis; computer simulation; landscape archaeology; human–environment interaction; evolutionary theory